5 Cool Ways To Meet People At A Bar

Whether you moved to a new place, or don’t really know the neighborhood around you, we suggest that you pay a visit to the local bar. After all, the bar is perfect for social interactions, and it is one of those places where new people arrive almost every hour. In short, most use bars to meet singles and you should too. But to take full advantage of the place, you must know these five cool ways you can meet new people.



At number one is smiling. Yes, something as simple as showing off those white teeth of yours can make a day and night difference. No one likes a dull personality, which is why you have to smile. It will not only reduce the stress that comes with meeting new people but will position you in a trustworthy fashion. Besides, it doesn’t cost anything, so we advise you to smile every day, even when you are not in the bar.

2. Be more approachable

Meeting someone at a bar is much easier when you position yourself as a more approachable person. Don’t be that moody person that sips only cold as ice lemonade and listens to blues. Instead, crack a joke or two when it’s appropriate, or even offer someone a drink. That way you will not only meet new people at bar but feel good overall about the way you handle new connections. And if you ask yourself next time how to meet people at bars when you are scared, remember that both of are feeling uncomfortable. It is you who has to be more approachable!

3. Have fun

You’d be surprised how many people go to the bar not just to relax but to have a fun time. From beer pong to watching football, there are so many nice activities you could be doing. All you have to do is just be more social and if you have trouble doing so, ask the bartender. They know everything about the community and the atmosphere in it. And once you learn about the place, we head over to the bar, meet up with everybody and start a karaoke party.

4. Join a game

If you still don’t know how to meet people at a bar, scout for a game you can join. Most bars come equipped with all sorts of games to keep guests entertained. Whether it’s a pool table or darts board, you are definitely bound to find someone who is playing something. Games are amazing at breaking the ice. Simply join a club and in minutes you will gather a ton of people around you either cheering or giving advice on how to land a dart.

5. Start a conversation

There are times when all you have to do is strike a conversation to land on a date. Yes, sometimes it’s that simple. Just bite the bullet and say hello or something. Trust us, if you feel like the above-mentioned tips don’t really represent you, all you have to do is start talking. It can be anything, from a t-shirt compliment to “what is the best pizza delivery service in town” questions. We know that it can be scary and that you might look funny but we are all humans. Just be yourself and things will go with the flow.

Final Notes

And there you have it. This is what we think are the best ways you can learn how to meet people at a bar. Some of them are simple whereas others require more creativity. But no matter which one you go with, you are sure to land on a conversation, and who knows, maybe you will land on a woman/man of your life.

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